Wolle Bol's Males


Wolle Bol's Uncas (black)

sire: Wolle Bol's Kovu (Blue)
dame: Wolle Bol"s Rapunzel (Black/Tortie)

Wolle Bol's Gentle Mouse (Cream/white)

sire: Canastalion Grizzle Mouse (Blue)
dame: C.F.A. G.Ch. Wolle Bol's Jutah (Calico)


pictured @ (retired)

Wolle Bol's Ottho (cream)

sire: Eden-Lover Janvier (Blue/White)
dame: Remu-Martins Blue Nea of Wolle Bol (Dilute Calico)

pictured @ 1 year lives with George Baker (North Ireland)

Canastalion Grizzle Mouse (blue)

sire: Scrimshaw Mistery Mouse of Canastalion
dame: Canastalion Safinaz

pictured @ 2 years

Wolle Bol's Kovu (blue)

sire: Yellicle Red Murigo
dame: Wolle Bol's Hope

pictured @ 1 year and 3 months (retired)

pictured @ 3,5 months (retired)

Int. Ch. Edelweiss Horus of Wolle Bol (Brown/Tabby/Blotched)

sire: Escala Azura De Shalimar (PKD/DNA negative)
dame: Tassarosso Divina (PKD/DNA negative)

We are very proud to present you our new boy

Thank you Christine for this lovely and beautiful boy

pictured @ 1 year and 9 months (retired)

C.F.A. Ch. El - Zaburs "Souvenir d'Or" of Wolle Bol (Creme/white)

Eur.Ch. El - Zaburs "Souvenir d'Or" of Wolle Bol (Creme/white)

PKD/DNA negative - HCM negative @ age 4 years

sire: Ch. Meihua Sergei of El - Zabur
dame: Ch. Cleopatra Think Pink of El - Zabur

Thank you Alfred and Gabriella from El - Zabur for this wonderful boy !!!!!